What a performance!

Children put on a vaudeville show in Aldgate, London, 1943
©Hans Wild (1912 – 1969) was a British photographer who worked for Life magazine


Yayyy! Looking forward to my next workshop at the Victoria and Albert Museum this weekend and seeing the Paul Strand exhibition this week.  


Shine Time

Looking forward to doing my Documentary Workshop next Friday

V&A What's On Catalogue January - March 2015

Blink of an eye

                                                                          the melody of life 

                                               ©Willy Ronis - Rue de Mogador         


Popped into Claire de Rouen Books last week.  They were having a party to celebrate Artist John Stezaker's new publication Crossing OverThe book is a series of reframed-fragments from postcards collected by the artist. 

An intimate set of pictures that take your hand through time.  They are small views of folk passing by.  

Felt a bit like looking through windows and people watching and as I moved from one page to the next, I almost felt like I was spying on them. Surreal! 

Just like in John's other work.  It’s surreal in its tone and style but his use of appropriation and collage is neither gimmicky nor crude but beautiful visual storytelling that leaves me daydreaming, curious and content.  

His 2d works become multiple dimensions.  They make my mind twirl and my eyes sparkle, just as I feel when I look through a kaleidoscope.  The fragments and shapes transport me in to a frequency of beauty and reflection.


Off to Paris. In my pocket i have this this little number I've designed and made. 

Its an accordion little book that keeps all my business photocards and tags in 1 place but shows off and extends like a mini gallery when open and standing up.

©Faye Parish

Made with love

                       ©Faye Parish

Really enjoyed learning a few more skills and making these little books today at the Accordion book work shop @ Shepherds & meeting great teacher Sarah Bryant.

Birthday Surprise

I now have my own copy of Willy's Belleville Menilimontant

                                             © Willy Ronis Belleville Menilmontant

I have always been a fan of Willy Ronis work but by chance and friendship I happened to find myself 2 years ago in the 20e. Despite this being a new neighbourhood for me, I also felt at home and it felt very familiar.  I later discovered Ronis had walked and captured these cobble streets many moons before and produced this set of images.  Some of my favourite views in this book are no longer there, just an echo or charm of the place, but I had fun searching for them.  

Postcard from a friend

My friend knows I'm a big fan of Claude's work 
but I never dressed so elegantly on my old vespa.
I wonder what caught her eye ;-)

Postcard from France
©Claude NORI / sicile / 1983

Pinhole Surprise

Photographers lunch
a 'Champion' tin 
paper within 
and 3 minutes of sun!

©Faye Parish 

Digital contacts

A glimpse from my first digital contacts. Nothing will ever take away the excitement of your contact sheet appearing in the trays under the safe light and waiting for them to dry before taking a quick sneak peep through the loop.  Its a great system and always been very compatible with me. But i have A Lot of scanning, processing, printing and more scanning to do and keen to get more images on my site so i need to get serious and find out what results i can achieve scanning, as well as get back to the darkroom, but its more a work in progress and from the comfort of my own home. Keen to see the results of my scans of my final silver prints v scans straight from the negatives. 

12               >12A    ©FAYE PARISH       

November sky

                 Onwards and Upwards

                       ©Faye Parish

Photo, copy, photocopy-photocopy...

Check out one of my submission's for

Monthly exhibition.
See the post,  4 Nov.

The photocopy club's mission = 
'what we are hoping to achieve with this project is to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back in the hands of the public.'

My mission =
Has always been, 1st and foremost – a passion for paper, pens, pencils, writing, making and sending postcards, shooting film and making prints!
I only read about the photocopy club project night before and had a 1 day for my post to arrive, was excited by the opportunity and hey photocopying is fast, I photocopied pieces of my work which were originally put together with the use of photocopying ;-)
So I was pleased to get copies in the post!  Royal Mail still works...next day delivery!! 

Running alongside the exhibition at the Jerwood;

Jerwood Encounters: Family Politics, curated by Photoworks


No place like home

When i was a kid i would do my best to get up and hide out in my favourite tree. As an adult i admire trees wherever i go, but in particular, i think the trees in this city give it a lot of charm.
So elegant in their height and shape - each one unique just like us, enduring all seasons, changing all the time. 
Rain or shine, day and night. 
They are always there,  I'm home. 

©Faye Parish

Walk with me

 ©Faye Parish

Everything's a blur right now but beauty is all around, Fp.

©Faye Parish


Check out my website, just started it, so keep an eye out for more images to be added.

Beauty is all around

Moi Wer, Ci-Contre

Moi Wer, Ci-Contre © Ann et J├╝rgen Wilde, Z├╝lpich /Cologne, 2012

My two favourite exhibitions I saw last weekend in Paris.  
Moi Wer images at Henri-Cartier Bresson Foundation http://www.henricartierbresson.org/ (above) 
Isle Bing at Galerie Karsten Greve (below)

Just could have stayed there all night admiring the prints, these especially!

 Isle Bing                                                 
Off to Paris Photo at Grand Palais
©Faye Parish

Love rules!


©Faye Parish

Right up my street!

If i was in Paris tomorrow I would like to take a stroll and check out 
Eva Besny├Â, 1910-2003 showing at Jeu De Paume.  

© Eva Besny├ / Maria Austria Instituut Amsterdam

Stumbled across it after checking out George Hendrik Breitner, dutch painter and Photographer.
I have this B&W postcard of one of his images on my desk.   It's delightful. 
There's no date on the back just says  Amsterdam, 4 girls in the street.

His photographs were not discovered until 40 years after he passed away and he is now recognised as one of the most significant early photographers of city life, who thrived on photographing the passersby, capturing the hustle and bustle and spontaneity of the city.
I seem to be particularly interested at the moment in photographers and artists
who have worked in both B&W and colour.

Right up my street!