Photo, copy, photocopy-photocopy...

Check out one of my submission's for

Monthly exhibition.
See the post,  4 Nov.

The photocopy club's mission = 
'what we are hoping to achieve with this project is to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back in the hands of the public.'

My mission =
Has always been, 1st and foremost – a passion for paper, pens, pencils, writing, making and sending postcards, shooting film and making prints!
I only read about the photocopy club project night before and had a 1 day for my post to arrive, was excited by the opportunity and hey photocopying is fast, I photocopied pieces of my work which were originally put together with the use of photocopying ;-)
So I was pleased to get copies in the post!  Royal Mail still day delivery!! 

Running alongside the exhibition at the Jerwood;

Jerwood Encounters: Family Politics, curated by Photoworks

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