Right up my street!

If i was in Paris tomorrow I would like to take a stroll and check out 
Eva Besnyƶ, 1910-2003 showing at Jeu De Paume.  

© Eva Besnyƶ / Maria Austria Instituut Amsterdam

Stumbled across it after checking out George Hendrik Breitner, dutch painter and Photographer.
I have this B&W postcard of one of his images on my desk.   It's delightful. 
There's no date on the back just says  Amsterdam, 4 girls in the street.

His photographs were not discovered until 40 years after he passed away and he is now recognised as one of the most significant early photographers of city life, who thrived on photographing the passersby, capturing the hustle and bustle and spontaneity of the city.
I seem to be particularly interested at the moment in photographers and artists
who have worked in both B&W and colour.

Right up my street!

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